Comment protéger votre bébé du soleil ?

Tips for protecting your baby from the sun

Summer is fast approaching and with it the sun and the heat. At this time of year, protecting your baby is essential.

In order to protect your little one when the temperature rises, a few actions must be adopted.

How to protect your baby from the heat?

Avoid the sun as much as possible for little ones:

Although on the French Riviera this is difficult to imagine, especially when summer approaches, for babies it is essential to be exposed to the sun as little as possible.

This represents a danger to your little one's health.

Exposure to the sun = As little as possible for baby

Dress your baby appropriately:

We forget wool socks, or vests that keep you warm. Make way for little rompers and light outfits .

Your baby will feel much more comfortable and will not be too hot.

Use a suitable sunscreen:

Baby sunscreen

Don't forget the baby solar kit. As with adults, sunscreen is essential for babies. You must choose the right sunscreen, adapted to your baby's skin and always SPF 50 for maximum protection.

Remember to apply it regularly during the day.

Hydrate your little one:

Baby bottle

Keeping your baby well hydrated is important, especially during hot weather. Remember to always have a bottle of water available (for those over 9 months) and a bottle of milk (for those 0-8 months). Your baby will not ask you to drink so think about it for him and give him water regularly to keep him well hydrated.

You can also use a mister to keep your little one cool!

Keeping your baby cool:

In summer we tend to enjoy the beach or the swimming pool. Today there are accessories to protect your baby from the sun  and keep it as fresh as possible. So think about anti-UV tents or even beach parasols .

Anti UV tent for baby

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