Comment prendre soin des vêtements en coton naturel pour bébés

How to Care for Natural Cotton Baby Clothes

Baby clothes hold a special place in parents' hearts, and at My Vicky , we understand the importance of creating soft, comfortable and durable clothes for your little ones. Our products are made primarily from natural cotton, providing not only a delicate touch but also optimal breathability for babies' sensitive skin. To ensure those clothes stay soft and in perfect condition, here are some practical tips for caring for your precious little angel's clothes.


  1. Initial Sorting:

Before even thinking about washing, get into the habit of sorting your baby's clothes. Separate light colors from dark colors to avoid any risk of discoloration. Also be sure to close all zippers and button clothing to avoid any snags when washing.

  1. Gentle Wash:

2.1 Choice of washing cycle

My Vicky's natural cotton clothing is designed to be soft and delicate, and this should be reflected in the washing process. Select the delicate wash cycle of your washing machine to avoid excessive handling of cotton fibers.

2.2 Using a mild detergent

A mild detergent is essential to preserve the quality of natural cotton. Choose a product specially formulated for baby clothes, without harsh dyes or fragrances that could irritate your little one's delicate skin.

2.3 Avoid fabric softeners

Although fabric softeners can provide a pleasant scent, they can also leave chemical residue on clothes. Avoid them to ensure that natural cotton fibers remain pure and soft.


  1. Suitable Temperature:

Set the washing machine to a temperature suitable for baby's clothes. Low temperatures preserve colors and delicate fabrics. Be sure to read the care labels for specific instructions on each garment.

3.1 Washing temperature

Wash natural cotton baby clothes at lukewarm temperature. High temperatures can not only alter the texture of cotton but also cause premature shrinkage. Warmth is ideal for preserving the softness and shape of clothes.


3.2 Rinsing with cold water

Opt for rinsing with cold water. This will effectively remove detergent while preserving the color and softness of clothes.

  1. Gentle Drying:

Avoid using the dryer whenever possible. Air drying is ideal for My Vicky baby clothes. If using the dryer, set it on low to avoid shrinkage or damage to delicate fibers. Prefer drying on hangers rather than using clothespins. This prevents unwanted marks and ensures that the garments retain their original shape.

  1. Careful Storage:

Once baby's clothes are washed and dried, take the time to fold them carefully. Choose a dry storage location away from humidity. A well-ventilated environment helps keep natural cotton clothing fresh.

Avoid metal hangers that could snag delicate fabrics. Drawers lined with tissue paper are a great option to avoid direct contact between clothes.


  1. Stubborn stains: Treat them with care


6.1 Gentle pretreatment

In case of stains, carry out a delicate pre-treatment using mild stain removers. Avoid harsh solutions that could damage the delicate fibers of natural cotton.


6.2 Natural options

Favor natural pretreatment options such as baking soda or white vinegar. These solutions are gentle on fabric while still being effective in removing stains.

By following these simple but effective tips, you can ensure that every My Vicky outfit stays as beautiful and soft as the day you bought it.

Don't forget that each My Vicky garment tells a story of happiness and softness, and by taking care of these precious pieces, you help to write this beautiful story for your baby.

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