Interview de Priscilla : Jeune Maman, Influenceuse et Maîtresse d'école

Interview with Priscilla: Young Mom, Influencer and School Teacher

Today, we present to you Priscilla , an exceptional figure who embodies the perfect balance between motherhood, her profession as a teacher, and her influence on social networks. With more than 30,000 followers on Instagram, Priscilla shares her unique journey and her valuable advice for reconciling these three facets of her life. Stay with us for an interview that promises to inspire and enlighten.

Part 1: Presentation

Introduce yourself in a few words

My name is Priscilla, I am 33 years old. I am a school teacher and influencer in my spare time. I am the mother of a little boy and I am currently pregnant with a little girl.

What was your course ? And how did you get into the influencer industry?

Regarding my educational background, I obtained my economic and social baccalaureate. Subsequently, I continued my studies by obtaining a degree in language sciences, then I completed a Master in Education and Training (EF), which is specifically oriented towards preparation for the school teacher competition. To conclude, I passed this competition on my first attempt.

As for my experience in the influencer field, I started from the very beginning, in January 2013, with the creation of my Instagram account. Being passionate about blogs and Skyblogs in the Facebook era, I immediately got hooked on Instagram and gradually built my own community.


Part 2: Family life

How to remain a mother and wife while being a fulfilled woman?

It is essential to take time together, even when my man was not always present. Of course, he arrived, with only one desire in mind: to find his son. However, we always reserved precious one-on-one time for each other, whether during small romantic dinners or short 4-5 day trips. This approach is fundamental, and above all, it is crucial to listen to each other and communicate as soon as something is not going well. For me, I know that I can get angry when I'm very tired, which is common as a mom. The important thing is that I realize it immediately, apologize and we discuss it, in order to prevent the situation from getting worse.


Your best advice that you wish you had before becoming a mother?

I would tell a mother to trust herself, to listen to herself rather than others. Above all, I would like to tell him that everything goes through phases, even difficult times like restless nights. After all, this phase will eventually pass. I know this will really help me with the second child, because it can seem like we'll never get out of this difficult time. In reality, everything works out in the end, so it's important to reassure yourself.

Part 3: Influence

How do you manage your motherhood? Are you able to find your personal and professional balance?

I try to devote a lot of time to my son while continuing my work three shifts to take care of him. It should be noted that during his first three years, his father was absent because he worked in Rouen and Paris, so during the week, I was alone to take care of him. Despite this, I managed to find time for myself, to go out with my friends by having my mother look after it once a week. I was very fulfilled with this balance between my work, my friends and my family.


How do you manage your influencer role while maintaining the privacy of your personal life?

I still try not to show too much on Instagram. It's true that you can see my son's face, but I don't do too much publicity with him. My man isn't very active on social media either, so I leave them alone. However, if the three of us have a cool photo, I share it. However, even though I collaborate with children's brands, I do it on an individual basis, I do not record my child wearing them. I also don't film moments of life, such as my son sleeping. I focus on my own activities, sharing my discoveries, good addresses, the clothes I buy, and the brands I like, while preserving my family's privacy outside of social networks.

Part 4: Collaboration

As an influencer, how do you choose the brands you collaborate with? What made you want to work with our brand in particular?

It is true that as a small influencer on social networks, we still receive a large number of proposals. However, I would like to emphasize that I am very selective in my choices. I only partner with brands that truly align with my values ​​and preferences. I only consider those I want to work with. To be honest, I receive offers to promote perfumes and beauty products, but I do not engage in this type of collaborations, because it does not correspond to my editorial line.

I am very happy to collaborate with OceansApart, a brand that I love and which shares this same vision. Additionally, I also agreed to work with a shampoo brand. Concerning My Vicky, this opportunity comes at the right time at this time of my life, being pregnant. I can't wait to share this new adventure with my community and to highlight products that are really close to my heart.

How would you describe the MY VICKY brand in a few words? What attracted you?

There are pieces that have been selected for the brand, while others have been designed by Maral. However, all the pieces remain within the same theme. These are clothes that will be both extremely comfortable for the baby and very stylish at the same time. Personally, I really appreciate this feature, because I don't like outfits that are too tight on children. We can immediately see, thanks to the quality of the materials used, that My Vicky clothing is particularly pleasant for toddlers. I have a real crush on the overall skirt and the adorable little frilly socks.

As a mother, what are your expectations in terms of materials used in baby clothes, and how does our collection meet them?

As a mom, my expectations for baby clothes are focused on comfort. In this regard, the My Vicky collection perfectly meets these criteria, notably thanks to the use of natural cotton. The softness of this material is indescribable, you have to touch it to truly appreciate it. Wearing natural cotton clothes is an incredibly pleasant experience, and that's precisely what I want for my baby.


A big thank you to Priscilla for giving us her time, we are happy to have met her!

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