La qualité du tissu My Vicky

The quality of the My Vicky fabric

My Vicky uses cotton for a large part of its collection!

A fabric of natural origin!

Today we are constantly told to pay attention to our food consumption and our daily actions in order to preserve the planet. 

For some it has therefore become a habit to read the list of ingredients or to sort their waste!

Young parents, on the other hand, want the best for their baby, small pots or pacifiers are priorities. But what about clothes?

Better consumption, YES, but with the right products !

My Vicky has chosen to use cotton for almost all of her clothes!

For what ?

Well, cotton is a natural fiber with many qualities. It is therefore perfect for dressing baby!

A 100% cotton garment is a better quality garment!

Cotton is the most widely used fabric in the clothing industry. But why ?

Because it makes it possible to obtain a garment that is pleasant to the touch and very comfortable . Baby will feel very good in his little clothes.

It is also a fabric that adapts to the seasons due to its thermal regulation. For the summer, baby will not be hot and for the winter he will be well covered!

Cotton and babies: a love story!

This textile is perfect for children. Indeed, it is the best choice for sensitive skin and prevents irritation. Perfect for babies!

Cotton is hypoallergenic , so it protects baby's skin without attacking it. 

In addition, it is a very resistant and easy-care fabric. Indeed, cotton supports washing in the washing machine well, even at high temperatures. It is therefore perfect for getting rid of microbes and bacteria that would be harmful to baby.

My Vicky offers trendy and chic clothes suitable for babies!

Cotton clothes therefore combine trend and health!

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