Future maman, jeune maman, maman

Mom-to-be, new mom, mom

That's it, you learn as a young woman that you are pregnant!

For you, during the first 9 months of pregnancy, you discover the evolution of your body, the first strokes of your child, the preparation for the arrival of the baby. You are all excited! And above all, can't wait to see your little one's face.

An incredible and unique moment.

That's it, your treasure has arrived!

You are in the unknown:  how to take it? how to breastfeed? why is he crying ? Don't worry everything will be fine. Every day you will discover its evolution. Little by little you will understand his needs. You are going to be 200% with him. You will give everything so that your child is well in his new environment and be there for him or her to comfort him, secure him.

The months will pass, the first year too...

You are going to be strong as a woman and a mother, and ensure this new life.

Having gone through this path, yes, we thought of Moms by offering moms gift boxes. When we become a mother, we forget ourselves. We don't have time to take care of ourselves, not even time to dress properly, to comb our hair.

Too many things to manage.

The idea of ​​the My Vicky house is above all that the mother feels good about herself , to be beautiful and flirtatious . For this, we have created homewear boxes, Kimono boxes using the best crochet threads to make the slippers, the kit, and the reminder on the kimonos. The colors chosen are rather pastel colors for the summer.

The Kimono is an easy garment to wear as soon as you wake up, also so that mom is able to breastfeed with ease. Crochet slippers are very comfortable. You can wear them in the maternity ward as well as at home. The make-up bag is a reminder so that the mother does not forget to put the essentials to get a makeover.

And you will see, taking care of yourself is important first of all for yourself, for your spouse and especially for your child. The person who will be the most amazed and who will find you the most beautiful is your child. That alone will make you the happiest.

The women's collection for winter 22 will be available soon.

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