Les idées cadeaux originales à offrir pour une baby shower.

Original gift ideas to offer for a baby shower.

A unique selection to celebrate the arrival of a baby.

The sunny days are coming and with them the baby shower season.

The baby shower is a special moment when the mother-to-be's loved ones come together to celebrate the arrival of the baby.  During this event, it is customary to offer a gift for the future baby or the future mother, in order to please.

Rather than opting for traditional gifts, why not choose something truly original and unique?

Whether you are looking for a practical, sentimental or creative idea, these suggestions for all budgets will delight both the baby and his parents and will make this moment unforgettable. Make an original gift for an unforgettable moment.


A well-being box for the mother-to-be:

During pregnancy, the future mother needs moments of relaxation and well-being. Offer him a wellness box including natural products for relaxation, such as massage oils, scented candles and bath salts.

Add accessories such as a hot water bottle or relaxation cushion for additional comfort.

This ideal gift will please the mother-to-be and allow her to be pampered and feel even more special during this unique period.

Original gift - Pregnant woman massage - Baby Shower gift idea

A belly print creation kit:

For an artistic and memorable touch, offer the mother-to-be a belly print creation kit.

These kits contain safe and easy-to-use materials to take an impression of the pregnant mother's belly.

This original gift allows you to create a tangible memory of pregnancy and create a special bond between the mother and her baby. The prints can then be painted and framed for personalized decoration.


A subscription to a maternity box:

Offering a subscription to a maternity box is a practical and original gift idea for the mother-to-be.

Each month, she will receive a selection of products suitable for each stage of pregnancy, such as care items, comfortable clothing, practical accessories and expert advice.

It's a gift that will remind her that you are thinking of her throughout her pregnancy and will allow her to discover new products and feel pampered.


A professional photo session:

Offer new parents a professional photoshoot to capture their newborn's precious moments.

Choose a photographer specializing in infant photography to create authentic and artistic memories.

Photos can be taken in the comfort of home or in a studio.

It is a memorable gift that will allow parents to cherish their baby's first moments for many years and to keep beautiful photos of this lovely moment.

Baby photo session - Original gift - Baby Shower gift idea

Baby clothes from My Vicky:

My Vicky offers you original clothes for babies. If you want to find an original gift that the baby will wear from his first weeks, you are in the right place.

We offer clothing for up to 18 months, but also items for the birth of the baby, such as a birth kit with its birth blanket.

The sleeping bag is also an essential for the arrival of a baby, that of My Vicky is perfect for the comfort of the baby.

The sleeping bag can be accompanied by the geometric set , perfect for the baby's first months. An original gift to give at a baby shower.

We fell in love with the frilly socks offered by the My Vicky brand. An original idea to complete a baby outfit.

Baby clothes - Original gift idea - Gift idea for a Baby shower

A customizable pacifier clip and teething ring:

A personalized gift is always unique in the eyes of parents. You will make an impression and touch future parents.

Personalizing a pacifier clip and a teething ring , which will be used by the baby, is an original and precious gift.

The key is to find the right brand, with products that respect baby health.


A baby massage session:

To promote the relaxation and well-being of the newborn, you can offer the parents a baby massage session carried out by a qualified professional .

Baby massages have many benefits, such as relaxation, stimulation of the immune system and strengthening the parent-child bond.
It is an original gift that will allow parents to spend special time with their baby while learning beneficial techniques for their development.


An interactive photo album for babies:

You can create an interactive photo album by integrating sensory elements for example. You can also add pockets to store meaningful objects. Baby photo album - Original gift for a birth fictitious, different textures to stimulate the baby's touch, or even recorded sounds which will evoke precious memories.

This unique gift will allow parents to capture the special moments of their child's life in a fun and sensory way. This gift will also help the baby's awakening.


A subscription to a box of educational toys:

Offering a subscription to a box of educational toys is an excellent idea to encourage baby's development.

Each month, parents will receive a selection of toys adapted to their child's age, thus promoting their awareness and curiosity.

The educational toy box is often designed by experts and offers a variety of games and activities to stimulate the baby's senses and cognitive development.


A kit of baby footprints and hands:

Capturing the baby's footprints and handprints is an original and touching way to create a unique memory of their birth. Baby footprint kit - Gift for baby - Original gift idea for a birth

Offer parents a complete kit including non-toxic ink pads suitable for infants and special cards for taking baby's footprints.

They will be able to create lasting memories by making prints that can be framed or added to a birth album.



By offering original gifts for a birth, you show your attention to parents. Unique gifts that will leave an impression and create precious memories for the whole family.

So opt for an original gift to offer during a baby shower.



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