La naissance de My Vicky

The birth of My Vicky

I am Maral Bedrossian, a young woman, married and mother of 2 children.

Since my youngest age, my dream has been to undertake and manage my own company. The years passed, I had my various professional experiences, particularly in the field of fashion, which allowed me to learn every day, to meet professionals, to be in direct contact with customers. All this knowledge has forged my character: curiosity, listening, creativity and strength. Today, I feel fulfilled and I have thus reached maturity as a woman, I am ready to launch myself to have this freedom to undertake.

It all started with my first drawings in October 2020, in Ardèche, in a country house, where I imagined and designed models of layette clothing for newborns, easy to dress baby, comfortable and chic clothes at the same time. . Over time, I grouped these models together with the idea of ​​selling them in birth gift boxes.

After multiple name combinations, the My Vicky brand was born by representing the two first names of my children, Victoria-Liz and Viken, whose diminutive is Vicky.

The symbol, represented by the ribbon bow, constitutes the “Ready to offer” gift box. Finally, the "water green" color chosen for the brand is a mixed, soft and soothing color.

From all these elements, the universe of the brand was created. I am happy to share with you my passion and my universe through My Vicky.

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Bonjour Maral,
Nous apprécions beaucoup vos collections enfants et maman, nous avons fait un cadeau à notre grand mère du kimono elle adore malheureusement c’est trop petit , peut-être pourriez vous faire des tailles plus grandes? Merci
Bonne continuation dans votre création,
Cordialement, Darya


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