Les indispensables pour habiller votre bébé

The essentials to dress your baby

Having a baby also means dressing it. Parents no longer only do their own shopping, but also that of their little one!

Clothing is very important for babies as it helps maintain body temperature. It is therefore necessary to choose the right fabrics while thinking about comfort, safety and of course the model!

What are the essentials?

The bodysuit

The bodysuit is the essential basic to have in your little one's wardrobe! It protects baby from the friction of other clothes and helps regulate their temperature whether in summer or winter.

The main criteria in the purchase of a bodysuit remains comfort and practicality. At My Vicky, the bodysuit tie is wrap-around on the side, which is very practical for dressing baby.


During their first years, babies sleep a lot. Pajamas are therefore essential to have! Whether one-piece or two-piece, the most important thing is comfort.

Pajamas are usually put on over a bodysuit, which is why My Vicky offers boxes including pretty pajamas and a bodysuit, both in cotton to protect your baby's skin.

The sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is a great essential for babies! It protects your little one by keeping it neither too hot nor too cold. But also helps keep him safe so he doesn't get hurt.

It is strongly advised not to use a blanket or sheet for your baby's first two years, for safety reasons.

My Vicky offers you a sublime fleece and padded sleeping bag. We have chosen to offer you a model with a zip on the side and press studs on the top to help you put your baby comfortably in it.


A baby remains very fragile especially the first months! Aside from clothing, socks are very important, especially to maintain your little one's body temperature.

My Vicky offers you 100% cotton socks! Small light socks for the summer but also thicker knitted socks for the winter.

For more originality, we also offer frilly socks for events!

The outfits

After a while, your baby will be able to wear outdoor outfits more regularly during the day, to leave the pajamas at night!

Now is the time to leave room for originality, while keeping in mind that your baby must be comfortable and safe.

Jumpsuits, rompers, two-piece or three-piece sets, dresses, suits... My Vicky offers you a wide choice of clothes to dress your little one. Girl or Boy you will find pretty nuggets on our site.

Unique outfits for a unique baby!

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