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Back to school has arrived, bringing with it the excitement of new beginnings and the search for the perfect look for our little schoolchildren. Every year, parents and children embark on a quest for clothes that are elegant, comfortable and suitable for the fall-winter season. But this year, My Vicky offers you a new 2023/2024 back-to-school collection , capturing the essence of the modern schoolboy while paying homage to the iconic tartan pattern.

In this article, we will take you to discover this collection which reinvents the schoolboy/tartan theme in a way that will appeal to parents and babies. You will immerse yourself in a world where traditional tartan blends harmoniously with contemporary elements to create outfits that are both classic and trendy. From the reinterpretation of the tartan pattern to the matching accessories, including the collection's key pieces, we will guide you through every aspect of this new wave of baby fashion.


The Modern Schoolboy: Reinterpretation of the Tartan Theme

The Elegance of Modern Tartan

Tartan, that distinctive check pattern, is at the heart of this collection, but it's presented in a completely new way. Instead of sticking to classic designs, the brand dared to rethink tartan to meet the needs and tastes of today's children.

Tartan Pattern Variations

In this collection you will discover a range of tartan pattern variations, from traditional checks to contemporary interpretations. From classic tartan checks to more modern and bold check patterns, there's something for everyone. These tartan designs are used creatively on a range of children's clothing and accessories, giving them a fresh and stylish appearance. 

From Clothing to Accessories

Tartan patterns are found not only on clothing, but also on a variety of accessories. From skirts and shorts to scarves and hats, tartan is incorporated into every element of a child's wardrobe. Even the backpacks and shoes proudly display this iconic pattern, creating a complete and coordinated collection.

By reinterpreting the tartan theme in a modern way, this new collection embodies the modern schoolboy, who is both stylish and ready to face the challenges of school and everyday life. In the following sections, we'll take you through the collection's key pieces in detail, give you tips on coordinating outfits, and explain why tartan remains a timeless trend in children's fashion.

The Key Pieces of the Collection

The new 2023/2024 back-to-school collection transports us to a world where school style blends harmoniously with the essential tartan pattern. To guide you on this adventure, we will explore the key pieces of this collection, from clothing to accessories, which perfectly embody the essence of the modern schoolboy while remaining faithful to the tradition of tartan.

Elegant Dresses

At the heart of this collection are elegant dresses that celebrate the grace of the modern schoolgirl. Tartan dresses are undeniably the highlight of the season. They are designed with impeccable cuts, highlighting the girls' silhouette, while bringing a touch of tradition with the tartan pattern. Warm fall colors, such as brick and navy, predominate, creating a visually warm and refined palette.


Aria Set

Hot Accessories

To complete each outfit, accessories play a key role. This season, knitted blankets are a must-have to keep our little ones warm while adding a touch of style. The matching hats are also available for a complete and elegant look. Discover our selection of favorite accessories from the collection here:


Cozy sets for your boys

For cooler days, natural cotton sets, jackets and jumpsuits are a must-have. They come in autumnal tones and are decorated with tartan details, bringing a subtle elegance to these everyday garments.


Jasper Combipilot Olivier Ensemble

In short, the key pieces of the 2023/2024 back-to-school collection skillfully combine the elegance of the modern schoolboy with the authenticity of tartan. Impeccable cuts, autumnal colors and careful details bring to life a wardrobe that perfectly embodies the fall-winter season while remaining true to the schoolboy heritage.

Timeless Trend: Why Tartan is a Smart Choice

Tartan, that historic and distinctive checkered pattern, has a long history in fashion. It has been adopted by various cultures and eras, becoming a timeless element that continues to shine in the world of children's fashion.

The Elegance of the Past that Endures

Tartan instantly evokes images of elegance and tradition. Over the centuries, it has evolved from a symbol of belonging to a timeless style statement. Checkered patterns are versatile, coming in a multitude of colors and combinations, making them suitable for all seasons and occasions.


A History that is Transmitted

Tartan is one of those patterns that transcends borders and generations. Parents who grew up wearing plaid clothing often passed down this clothing tradition to their own children, continuing its timeless appeal. Tartan thus becomes a link between generations, recalling memories while evoking a classic fashion sense.

Back to school is an opportunity to celebrate renewal, and this collection perfectly embodies that spirit. Get ready to shop, create cute outfits and watch your kids walk to school or nursery with confidence and style with My Vicky. Back to school has never been so trendy and memorable!

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