Une Année de Magie Partagée avec nos Partenaires

A Year of Magic Shared with our Partners

In this year 2023, we are proud to present to you our precious collaborators who add a special touch to the My Vicky adventure. Each of them helps make the moments shared with our products even more memorable. Let's discover together the partners who illuminated our journey this year.

Baby's Company & Family Sphere: Watching over the Most Precious Treasures

In the world of parenting, trust is essential. This is why we are proud to collaborate with Baby's Compagnie and Family Sphère, renowned babysitting agencies. Their commitment to the safety, well-being and development of little ones aligns perfectly with our vision at My Vicky. Together, we strive to create an atmosphere of trust for parents who choose our products for their little treasures.

Childcare partners

IzyBillie, Cap 3000, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette: Pure Elegance

Immerse yourself in refinement and elegance with our partners, IzyBillie, Cap 3000, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. Their careful selection of high-end products perfectly complements the chic and delicate universe of My Vicky. By exploring our products in these shopping temples, our customers can enjoy a unique shopping experience, where quality and style meet harmoniously.


The Order of Malta and Catholic Relief: Committed Partnerships for a Better World

At My Vicky, we believe in the magic of generosity and shared love. This is why we are proud to partner with charitable organizations such as the Order of Malta and Secours Catholique. Together, we work to create a positive impact in the world by supporting humanitarian causes and sharing magic with those who need it most.


La Gazette Niçoise, Grand Sud Magazine, Nice Matin: Telling the Story of My Vicky

My Vicky's story is written with every smile and magical moment shared. Our media partners, La Gazette Niçoise, Grand Sud Magazine and Nice Matin, play a crucial role in spreading this story. Their commitment to telling our adventures strengthens our connection to the community and brings the magic of My Vicky to life.

magazine partners

In this exceptional year, My Vicky is honored to have shared this year, a magical adventure with extraordinary partners. Each of them brings unique value to our community, helping to create a magical experience for every customer. Together, we continue to write the story of My Vicky with brilliance and enchantment. Thank you to our partners for making every moment a celebration of the magic of life.

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